If a brand doesn’t stand up for a good cause, it’s not worth standing up for the brand

This was also the theme of the Superbrands 2023 Awards Gala in Hungary

In 2023, the Superbrands Gala, one of Hungary’s most important business award ceremonies, was again held with the participation of nearly 100 award-winning brands. In addition to the evaluation of outstanding brands, the Superbrands Hungary Programme’s mission is to raise awareness of current social issues together with the award-winning brands. This year, the focus was on the importance of responsibility.

More and more people are striving for an environmentally friendly lifestyle by adopting a zero waste lifestyle, buying fewer packaged products, collecting selective waste, composting and recycling. And if consumers are increasingly demanding sustainability from themselves, they expect no less from brands.

The evening also saw the launch of the 10 Million Tree Foundation, a green innovation patronized by Superbrands Hungary, the largest climate protection, non-political, non-profit organization founded in Hungary, which builds cohesive environmental and climate-friendly communities nationwide through its tree planting projects. The organizers also presented an honorary award in recognition of the Foundation’s „one person = one tree” initiative. Many of the awarded brands also provide financial support to help achieve this special goal.


„As the organiser of the Superbrands gala event in Hungary, we consider it our duty to put the spotlight on important and topical issues at a social level, in addition to the celebratory moments and the evaluation and appreciation of outstanding brands. With global trends in mind, this year’s focus has been on environmental responsibility and green CSR, and it is a great pleasure to see how the Superbrands award winners are taking responsibility for their environment and how much effort they are putting into reducing or eliminating the use of harmful substances in their businesses and activities. There is still a lot to be done in this area, but the aim of brands striving for excellence is to do good work for society and the natural environment,”– said Géza László, Programme Director.

The Superbrands awards have also been designed with sustainability in mind, with a vegetal lichen composition and only natural ingredients.

About the Superbrands Hungary Gala
This year, the Superbrands Hungary Expert Committee awarded the Superbrands prizes for the nineteenth time, and the Business Superbrands business brands were honoured for the sixteenth time at the gala evening held at the Budapest Music Center.

The Superbrands Awards help to raise awareness of brand equity by communicating positive values to consumers and business partners, such as the financial stability, national recognition and popularity of the company behind the brand, and its outstanding brand building practices.

About the Superbrands Hungary Programme
The international Superbrands Programme, which now operates in over 90 countries, was established in 1995 by the British Brand Council. The aim was twofold: to spotlight outstanding brands and to set an example for others to follow. Since its inception, the programme has become recognised around the world, with Superbrands now a special designation in nearly 90 countries.

In Hungary, the Superbrands award has represented the essence of all the positive factors associated with brands since 2004: it indicates their outstanding market recognition, popularity and financial stability. Five years after its launch, the Hungarian Superbrands Programme has extended the qualification to business brands with the introduction of the Business Superbrands Award, which recognises the most successful brands in the business-to-business (B2B) sector.

Superbrands is a widely recognised brand of high quality, and the international programme recognises consumer and business brands. Each year, the award is decided by a 40-member independent panel of marketing and management experts following a multi-stage pre-selection process.


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